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Smashing Four Strategy Guide and Tips

About Smashing Four Game

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Based on the rank of yours there are a number of arenas available. Higher the ranking chance for more effective rewards. The aim of the game is usually to kill all of the heroes before they kill all the heroes of yours. More about Smashing Four Games could be found on the website of theirs which are available on the main website of theirs.

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Tips and tricks ON SMASHING Four GAME

As you all realize Smashing Four game is actually a strategy game, Be sure you read through our entire tips and techniques you have to go by for guaranteed victories.

Make A balanced SQUAD

The very first thing you need to do in smashing Four game is actually squad selection. There are lots of heroes offered in the game. Choosing Four heroes as your squad is actually a great decision to make. We've to choose a healthy squad mixing rare heroes and common heroes.

Focus on One TARGET

When in the fight, make certain just do not attempt to arbitrarily hit whichever hero near for you. You've to concentrate on only one target. Attempt to concentrate on increased damage heroes first. Attacking toilet tank heroes initially will take forever that will help other heroes great deal of time to eliminate the heroes of yours. Furthermore, this will enable you to to cut down the amount of opponent heroes fast.


As the game is played by you, you'll ultimately get different hero cards. While you may be encouraged to jump into fight with the shiny new hero of yours. You need to perform with the heroes initially. Heroes have various sizes, rates of speed, and weights. Which means they behave differently if you wear them in battle. For instance, the Giant is actually a big hero that can quickly hit multiple heroes that are actually close together, but he's also slow and incredibly heavy. In case heroes that are on the opposite end of the arena are being targeted by you, the Giant will not be in a position to bounce around almost as some other heroes would, decreasing the risks of dealing additional damage. Practicing with new heroes will help you to get a great feel for just how they move around the area. This will help your strategies are adjusted by you accordingly.

Practice The AIM of yours

Since the main method of attack in this particular game is actually by tapping as well as dragging, aiming could be very tough. You are going to see lines which will guide you where the character of yours will go, but it doesn't tell you exactly how it'll bounce around. Predicting the consequent paths of targets and heroes will be crucial to the victory of yours, particularly in higher ranks.

One important strategy to understand is usually to make adversary heroes bounce towards the other characters of yours. This's often done by aiming at the sides of theirs, rather than directly at them. If the other characters of yours are actually on the left side, you need to strive for the right side of the goal. This can make them fly off towards the left. Although this's often done when the enemy hero is near the wall, another trick is usually to make them bounce back towards you.

Complete The MATCHES of yours

When you're still in the very first area, you are going to notice a great deal of players will stop after one of their heroes are killed by you first. That is since the chances of theirs of winning is going to be lowered by a lot the moment you've the number advantage. You may possibly think this's a great idea also since no one would like to fight a losing fight. Nevertheless, remember that the opponent of yours is going to win more trophies in case he survives the fight with an entire team. Try the best to have down as many adversary heroes because you are able to until the conclusion of the match. If you're fortunate, you may have the ability to get a double kill and then win the game.

Never ever Forget TO Upgrade HEROES

Upgrading heroes offer them extra stats. The bigger the level, the greater the stats will be. Unfortunately, upgrading is costly. Gold is needed by you and duplicate cards to upgrade a hero. The price increases as the amount go up so it could be fairly tricky to upgrade as you advance in the game. Ensure you just upgrade heroes that you really make use of to be able to save precious gold.

As we pointed out before, abilities are also unlocked based on the amount of the hero. Heroes with increased rarity, nonetheless, get skills faster. Common heroes get the skills of theirs at level five. Rare heroes get abilities at level three. Epic heroes, nonetheless, have their abilities unlocked from the beginning. Have this in mind when selecting which heroes to commit resources on.

Check out the Store Every DAY

When you tap on the yellow container icon on the bottom part left corner of the display, you'll be taken to the in game store. This's exactly where you are able to buy orbs, yellow, gems, and most notably, individual cards. The shop sells specific cards for gold, along with this's crucial since you are going to be in a position to choose the hero you would like.

There's a catch, however. The store only offers 3 specific heroes each day. One Common, one Rare, and one Epic hero will be seen by you. It's a great strategy to look it over every day to find out in case you are able to buy a brand new hero you like, or perhaps perhaps get that final card you need for an improvement. Remember that the price of a card is going to go up for every extra purchase you are making for the day. If you're quite short on gold, you may want to wait for the following rotation before buying extra cards.

Save The GEMS of yours

Gems are actually a premium currency of the game, that is tough to come by. Don't throw away thee gems on racing up items. Hold on to the gems of yours and invest them just on shopping for orbs in the store.

Now you're prepared to fight it out in Smashing Four Game! Do not Forget any of the above mentioned suggestions and tricks, in case you wish to allow it to be to the roof of the leaderboard.

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